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Graphic with book covers of Tinaree trilogy

Shadows of Peace - Tinaree

A mission gone wrong...

Four rookies caught in its maelstrom...

Allies and enemies who aren't what they seem...

In war, oddities are rarely coincidences.

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What readers are saying:

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....For those who’ve had some experience with capture or POW like confinement, this tale will make connections. For those that don’t you may believe as Nic Plume does a fantastic job of getting the image and feeling across. There’s plenty of battle action, intrigue, and even adventure in this great story. It will leave you anxiously waiting for the next piece of this truly excellent tale.


A rookie special forces team on their first mission. The characters, plot and subplots are well developed and pretty graphic. It captures your attention with the fast paced action and the usual issues of a group of individuals developing into a team. Well worth the time, more books in the series are on the way. Enjoy!

Amazon Review

The ultimate worst case scenario is when Intel gets leaked. This happens horribly and we follow Taylor try to get his team back out in one piece. It is a gritty trying to return home slog and it is great. Looking forward to the next book.

Chad Boyer

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