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Trial By Inferno eCover.jpg

TINAREE – Trial by Inferno


A mission gone wrong...

Four rookies caught in its maelstrom...

Allies and enemies who aren't what they seem...

In war, oddities are rarely coincidences.

quote_mark.png deliver a human fragility that makes it impossible not to root for the team. Normally victory feels like an forgone conclusion and this book really showcased that survival is victory enough sometimes.

E. Jarman, beta reader

...GREAT work. I loved the story...The characters grow on you, and you present a unique take on the Special Forces dynamic...I am literally DYING to know what Taylor does to turn Kaydeen into the firebrand she is in the prologue...

N. Price, beta reader

All in all, I think you scored a 10...

D. Shellabarger, beta reader

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