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            Nic Plume spent twelve years as a ‘writer in progress’.  The full series of Shadows of Peace vividly played out for months in a reoccurring dream in 2007.  “There must be something to this.  I better start capturing it in writing,” Plume mused.  Honing her craft, researching subject matter, working with field experts, and painstakingly reworking her labor of love, Plume is now ready to share her passion with readers.  Follow Taylor, a soldier in Intergal's elite warrior force, as he strives to stop the Traverse's forceful expansion across the galaxy.  There are alien worlds, complicated relationships, military science fiction battles, and an undiscovered destiny. Plume stated, “As it stands now, Shadows of Peace, will be an 8-book series.  It has something for everyone.”

            Plume’s own story stands as a unique journey to author.  Born in Germany, she came to the states in 1990.  English is her second language, and her early years in the States were spent reading and watching movies and TV to further develop the English she studied in high school. As a mother of two and military spouse, Plume devoted 20 plus years to family and service.  She has lived all over the United States and has settled in Lee County, Alabama.  “I finally have a ‘home base,’ if you will. I am able to concentrate on a much-loved hobby that is now turning into a career.”  The newly published author draws inspiration from wanderlust.  She regularly travels and camps with friends, family, and her three dogs.  In addition to writing, Plume has also honed her craft by editing 39 books for a USA Today bestselling author. 

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