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Stay up-to-date on all of the writing, events, adventures, and new books of Nic Plume.

"If water was supposed to be my natural habitat, I'd have gills."


- Tonee, Tinaree - Trial by Inferno


June 21 - 23

Liberty Con in Chattanooga, TN

It's the second year I'm taking part and it'll be just as much fun. This year I'm flying in from Des Moines, so I won't bring as many books with me. If you want any, let me know beforehand, so I know to bring them

Aug. 29 - Sep. 2

Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA 

I missed last year's iteration, but won't miss this year's. Come join me in the fun. I won't be an attending professional, so don't look for me in the programming, but I'll be hanging out with all the other authors at the Westin bar every chance I get.

Oct. 31 - Nov. 2

Factory Con at the Outer Banks KOA in Coinjock, NC

It's the CKP weekend get-together for authors and readers. Not a con per say, but if you're in the area, definitely stop by and say hi.

This year's route, starting and ending in Rockport, TX:

If you're anywhere along it, let me know. Maybe we can meet up for a cup o' joe or something.

Our route for 2024

Heading 5


March 24 - 26

FantaSci in Raleigh, NC 

So many things to do and people to see.

It's the first Con that I'm attending as a professional. I'm scheduled to sit on five panels.

Wish me luck

June 23

Tinaree - Trial by Inferno Re-Launch

My life under the Chris Kennedy Publishing banner is officially starting. My first book in the series has a kick-ass new cover and an additional scene at the end that'll give the reader a nice surprise. 

June 23 - 25

Liberty Con in Chattanooga, TN

More shenanigans, yay!!
This is my first time at Liberty Con and my panel schedule is packed. Look for it on my Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also find a picture of my schedule on my Gallery page

July 14 - 16

Imaginarium in Louisville, KY

Oh the shenanigans we will have.

This time my panel schedule is not as full, so lot's of time to hang with old friends and make new ones.

July 28

Tinaree - Forged by Crucible Re-Launch

Another kick-ass cover for a kick-ass story. Part two picks up right where part one left off; the teammates have made it back to the fleet, but their welcome is not as warm as they expected. New allies and new enemies show their faces, but are they truly who they pretend to be?

September 8

Germany Launch of Tinaree - Im Inferno Getestet

September 8

Tinaree - Tempered by Blood

It's finally here! Part three of the series and the conclusion to the Tinaree trilogy. Will Taylor finally reach his goal to become the SF trooper he set out to be or will it all unravel? Allies that are enemies and enemies that are allies. In war, nothing is clear-cut or straightforward.

Join me for the live launch on the 'Inside CKP' podcast at 8pm Eastern. Subscribe to the Chris Kennedy Publishing YouTube channel for all the latest releases. 

October 2

Germany Launch of Tinaree - Im Inferno Getestet

20 - 22

Factory Con in Coinjock, NC

Not a Con but a weekend at the Outer Banks KOA to hang out with CKP authors, editors, and readers. If you're in the area, stop by and say hi.

November 2

Germany Launch of Tinaree - Im Tiegel Geschmiedet

November 9

5:30 pm - Book Signing at the Meade County Library in Brandenburg, KY.

Come join me for a fun chat and to get your books signed, I might even do a live reading. I will have copies of all three Tinaree books on hand if you're missing one. The library is located at 996 Old Ekron Rd., Brandenburg, KY, 40108.

November 2

Germany Launch of Tinaree - Im Blut Gehärtet

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