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Introducing the brand new science fiction series Shadows of Peace.

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When your enemy knows more about your past than you do, things get complicated.

The only survivors of an ambush that should not have been possible, on a mission they should not have been assigned to, four rookies find themselves in the worst possible scenario.

Conditioned to depend only on himself, Taylor was not looking for family when he joined Intergal's fight against the Traverse's forceful expansion across the galaxy. Trained to be the best, he rose to every challenge the Academy trainers set for him, including working within a team. However, responsibility does not equal trust. 

Tonee never planned to follow his parents' military career path, but when losing them to Traverse attacks set him adrift, Intergal's Academy became a familiar anchor. It is the teammates he was assigned at the Special Forces Academy, however, who ground him and become the family worth fighting for.

Visually indistinguishable from their ancestral human cousins but with a different psychosomatic make-up and distinct empathic abilities, Din are usually recruited into Intergal's Intel and Psy-Ops sections. But Kaydeen and Salayla had other ideas, and the skills and tenacity to make it to the top.

Individually, the four had excelled. As a team, they had broken records. Now the freshly minted commandoes are ready to proof themselves in the real world and being assigned to a unit that is halfway through mission prep is just an opportunity to do so that much faster. 

When the mission is betrayed and their forces decimated, the rookies find themselves alone and in enemy hands.

But all is not what it seems and their captor is much more than he pretends to be… And Taylor appears to be the key to their survival. 

Can Taylor overcome his natural inclination to depend on only himself and learn to fully trust his friends?

Will their training and friendship be enough to see them through to find their way home?


Tinaree - Trial by Inferno is the first installment in the exciting new military science fiction series Shadows of Peace.

ISBN for ebook 978-1-7351536-0-5

ISBN for print (paperback) 978-1-7351536-1-2

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Free another planet from Traverse occupation.

It was a routine Intergal task force mission—until an ambush decimated two-thirds of the fleet’s Special Forces contingent.

After six months in deep space, the Intergal fleet has returned to finish its task: restore freedom and self-governance to the Tinareean people. They broke the Traverse occupation. Now it’s time to clean up and remove the last of the enemy forces. As a bonus, they recovered four members of the fleet’s missing SF Units.

Things are finally going as planned… Or are they?

Taylor and his team escaped their captors’ not-so-tender mercies and made their way back to the fleet. But their homecoming isn’t as welcoming as they expected. Instead, it feels more like they’ve entered enemy territory of a different kind. 


Complications are nothing new to Commander Richards. After years of operating on a myriad of military missions, being the liaison between Intergal and Tinaree’s resistance movement should’ve been straightforward. However, when the peculiarities surrounding the events that befell Taylor and his team stack up, Richards takes note. Oddities are rarely coincidences, and old habits die hard.

While the team struggles to heal and reintegrate into the fleet, Richards draws on his true specialty and a fortunately placed, highly skilled resource to investigate further. As he digs deeper, accepted truths are thrown into question, circumstances surrounding events become murky, and the line between enemy and ally blurs.

Is this a series of random happenings, or is it something much more malignant?

ISBN for ebook 978-1-7351536-3-6

ISBN for print (paperback) 978-1-7351536-4-3

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