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Rainy Day Introspective

Rainy view of distant mountains

There’s nothing like a rainy day living in a three hundred and fifty square foot “house” with another adult and a dog to make a person a bit introspective.

So - as I sit here in the RV with Nic and Nova, looking back over the last two years, the things that jump to mind aren’t the maintenance issues we’ve had, like entry stairs failing, AC quitting, rock hitting the windshield, and slide leaking, to name a few. Or the human (me) failure issues, like forgetting to close the gray waste tank drain valve before we move, not paying close attention to the fluid level when using the wastewater buggy, or double-checking the GPS directions...

And it’s not the big-name attractions…

White Sands National Park Entrance sign

The Alamo

National Museum of Nuclear Science

Sign at the Great Divide on wolf Creek Pass

Great Sand Dunes National Park Entrance sign

But it’s things like reuniting with old friends…

Nic and P.I.T.A. getting ready for shenanigans to commence
Don't get between P.I.T.A. and her Texas BBQ

Having family join you for fun at holidays…..

Enjoying breakfast with Tracy and Thomas
Kicking Chris and Haley's butt in Shuffleboard...or did they kick ours?

Plus, all the oddball roadside stuff that you find scattered across the country that you would never see if you don’t get out and explore. Things like….

Roadside Dinosaurs...

Roadside Dinosaurs in Gulf Shores, Alabama


Knight Statue in Gulf Shores Alabama

...and spiders, oh my!

Iron Spider statue in Gulf Shores Alabama

Stonehenges in different variations scattered across the country

Stonehenge replica in Gulf Shores Alabama

Stonehenge and Moai replica in Kerrville Texas

Arcades labeled as Museums

Pinball Museum in Roanoke, VA

Giant-sized household items

Dairi-O Giant Milkshake in King, North Carolina
Giant Coffee Pot in Salem, North Carolina

Giant Pencil in Wytheville, Virginia

Giant Iron in Asheville North Caroline

And then, there is the outright strange stuff

original shell gas station in Salem Alabama
One of the original Shell Gas Stations
Tail of the dragon tree of shame, Swain County, North Carolina
The 'Tree of Shame' at the beginning of Tail of the Dragon

So - in closing, after reflecting over the last two years, with all the good, bad, and ugly, the next time someone asks me if I regret the decision to sell our stick-built house, get rid of almost everything we accumulated over thirty-plus years of marriage and become nomads, I can honestly say… “Oh, hell no!”

Keep the rubber side down.

C. Bit

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