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The Bob and Nikki series by Jerry Boyd

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

and conversations about cooking a book - by CBIT

Before I get to the book recommendation, I have to recount a conversation I had with Nic the other day. I was complaining about the long gap in new books from the authors I follow and she reminded me that it takes longer to write than it does for me to read. I must have had a blanker expression on my face than usual (not an uncommon occurrence according to some nameless people *cough - MTM - cough*). According to Nic, writing is like cooking, she has to take the time to prepare the base ingredient, then prepare the enhancements, then slowly mix all the ingredients together over time, resulting in a tasty product. I, on the other hand, as the eater (or reader) really don’t appreciate the behind the scenes work, I just want to enjoy the tasty results. I looked her dead in the eye and replied “Yes dear” and went back to enjoying whatever food she put in front of me as I looked for a new book. I might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but I ain’t stupid.

But back to the reason MTM is cracking the whip and the cause of my grousing. I finished the latest installment in the Bob and Nikki series by Jerry Boyd. The series is a good, fast paced, light, funny story of humanity’s first contact with the greater space traveling universe. Bob is a mechanic who comes home one day and discovers an alien spaceship in his garage. After helping Nikki, the pilot, repair the ship, the two start on a series of adventures that involves long lost relatives, blood feuds, Sasquatch, slavers, lost fleets, Squirrel looking aliens, hidden plots, and robots. It’s full of snarky humor and bad puns. While it is science fiction, it skims the wave tops of the science part and doesn’t let physics slow down the pace of the story. Overall a very good series that is perfect for a weekend read when you don’t want to think hard, but just enjoy a good story. Highly recommended.

Hoping your beer is cold and your reading chair comfortable


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